A Christmas Carol

Απ' τα μελωδικότερα κάλαντα των τελευταίων ετών... Όταν η τεχνολογία συναντά την κλασσική λογοτεχνία μπορεί να συμβούν και θαύματα...

A timeless tale by Charles Dickens about an elderly miser who is compelled to face the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, as they effect a transformation to bring humanity to his otherwise uncaring heart. The Ghosts remind him that he once was a kind and caring man, the difficult reality of what the world is like today, and what could occur if he fails to strive to better himself. Set during the Christmas season, the merriest day of the year, Scrooge appreciates the pointed contrast of his own qualities.

Jim Carrey takes on four different roles in this new version of A Christmas Carol. Carrey voices Scrooge, and all three of the ghosts (Past, Present, and Future). His varied character roles maintain the four distinct characters as diverse as if they were played by four different actors.

Originally penned in 1843 as a novella, this story has become a classic world wide. Dickens reminds us that Christmas is the time of year to treasure family and friends, and also to strive to make the world a better place for everyone. Although the world has changed a great deal since 1843, the ideal that Dickens so deftly champions is anything but dated. Let us all remember what it means to have a merry Christmas!

Robert Zemeckis, who directed the Back to the Future trilogy as well as Forest Gump, and The Polar Express, has his opportunity to try his hand in telling a tale through the prism of time, as he directs this much anticipated remake

With Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn.